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Another way of saying thank you is by chipping up any excess branches and converting them to mulch. Good quality mulch has so many uses for your garden and forest revival. It further enhances the overall look and health and is particularly effective during the dry months when soils lack that moisture.

What is Arborist Mulch?

Arborist mulch is any material that is laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. Choosing the right mulch can reap you many benefits such as healthier soil and healthier plants - yet selecting the wrong mulch can lead to weeds thriving and not your plants. Mulch is an fundemental element of an environmentally sustainable garden and landscape. 

Arborist Woodchip Mulch

Landscapes that have trees and shrubs as the dominant feature have specific mulch requirements - with arborist woodchip being the best choice for trees and shrubs. Arborist woodchip has been found by various studies to be one of the best performers in terms of water infiltration, moisture retention, temperature moderation, stimulating microorganism activity, inhibiting weed growth and much more