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Palm Pruning & Removal

Symbolic of that tropical summer feel, Palm trees can also pose problems to your garden space, particularly when the seed pods begin to fall. Due to the delicate nature of the removal process, you will require a highly skilled professional to conduct a proper palm tree clean.

Certain palm trees, like Cocos palms or Phoenix palms, need to have the dead fronds and seed pods removed regularly (six-monthly or yearly). As well as looking nicer, regular cleaning prevents the seeds from clogging pool filters or gutters, attracting bats and having fronds littering your gardens and rear patios.

If the maintenance is getting too much for you or the palm has grown beyond its enviroment, then consider calling us for Palm Removal in Sydney.

Our friendly climbing team can clean your palms of dead or unwanted fronds and seedpods. Palm removal is conducted using the latest techniques to ensure the removal is done safely and efficiently.  You might have a palm growing right next to your pool pump or house.  With over a decade of experience and proudly claim-free, we ensure no damage to you or your property.